Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Fashions for 2008

So, I was going to talk about the different things the athletes were wearing at the opening ceremonies at the Olympics, but due to unfortunate events, I missed some of it and couldn't find the picture that I wanted. After a moment, I remembered the one above...What is that and who in Hungary thought it would be okay?! They looked like a bunch of red and white cows from far away. Oh, that was just sad.

As long as it is, I do like watching the parade of nations. It is pretty fun to see what all the different countries put together for their teams since the sports wear is going out of style and sport coats are now the thing to wear. I can't remember exactly which team it was (very small country) did have the sport coats but they were a nasty moss/olive green color. Hey, at least they tried. LOL! The knee-highs on the Bermuda team were pretty interesting too.

I was just talking about how the uniforms have changed to someone the other day. It came up at how much skin everyone shows now. Which is pretty interesting since it's a flashback to when...the 1930s or so? I guess I see the point though. I still wait for malfunctions during beach volleyball, wearing those skimpy bikinis, and wonder how the men's swim bottoms stay up, without the tops and straps, all that time.

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