Friday, August 15, 2008

CB2 Too!

I'm so excited! We finally have gotten a Cb2 store in San Francisco. I love that store. I don't usually spend a ton of money on decorating or home stuff but probably will now. LOL!

If you're like me, you hate spending money on shipping. Then, if you don't like it, you've gotta send the damn thing back. Sooo not for me. Now that we have a store, I can go there and see the thing in person. *sigh* And possibly not afford everything I want to buy. The chances of bigger markdowns is always better at the store too.
If you're not familiar with CB2, it's a subsidiary of the Crate & Barrel stores. Geared towards 'younger people', they carry a higher end line of things that would remind you of IKEA. It is quite a bit more expensive but how low can designers go? I think that if you can find something on sale there, you'd be doing pretty darn good. Can't wait to go shopping!


Gilbert/ Cely said...

Hi! May be we can meet some day! I am so glad to know there's another blogger nearby.

Anyway, tnx for the visit and hope to see you again.

Kateedyd said...

Pretty cool, huh? I can't get over it. LOL!

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