Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love My LV

Here it is...the bag I've wanted forever...the "Batignolles". Hopefully, I'll have one one day...soon. I still can't believe how much things cost now. LV wants $795 for this one. There are a couple of others that I would take before this one though, including Gucci. Oh, but if I had this one... right now I can only dream.

This blog will probably end up more of a wish list of mine. ha, ha, ha I of course will always have my comments about the current trends. Like, what's up with these designers? Why does it seem like the same styles are revolving so quickly? Nothing seems fresh and new. But handbags...that's another story. No matter what you're wearing, a handbag will always bring it together. Okay, maybe not if you're wearing some moo-moo jammies. I actually saw that once. Anyway, just wait till I get everything up here!

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SF said...

I'm working on a blog devoted to Louis Vuitton! I love it! Nuff said!

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