Monday, July 21, 2008

Fashionable 'Bag Lady'?

Is it just me, or are the trends focusing on styles that should have been left alone the first time. Isn't once (or even twice) enough? Where's the creativity?

I went to Nordstrom today for their Anniversary Sale. Boy, Can we say chunky knit? There was hardly a single thing that was in between 1 ply sheer and thick chunky knit sweaters, without ruffles, cinching, shirring, or wrinkles. So, I can look like a sausage or a stuffed sausage. Hmmm...which one should I choose?

I did come home and look online but no success there either. I did happen to find a chunky sweater that I liked but they were out of my size. Looking at just the girl's clothes was sad. Does she really need a Juicy Couture outfit at 18m/o? It's cute but probably not right now, huh?

I did manage to pick up a couple of decent cardigans and a cute top but was highly disappointed that I only found 1 thing for No-No (our daughter). Normally, I can spend a couple hundred, on her alone, easily. Not even the shoes were something I'd put on her. I've always bought a wool coat, some basic shirts, shoes, make-up, plus everything I can find for the kids, totaling well over $500. So, I didn't even bother looking for the dh this time.

I ask you to look at the above picture. Would you buy this and use it? It's like tie-dye gone awry! I really would like to know what happened...or am I just getting too old?

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EDUB said...

No, you are totally right about the tye-dye. There are some trends people just need to leave in the past!

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