Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gymboree Sale!!!

I finally got out and went shopping yesterday and I was amazed to find that just about the whole Gymboree store was on sale! I actually went in to look for the strawberry gymmies I liked and was dissappointed that they were gone. I was able to find some really great bargains on other things though. Like tank tops for next year and other jammies for this winter. I always love their leggings but SO many other people do to that when there's a sale they are the first thing to go. Good luck finding any of those. LOL

I really hope they do some other really cute collecctions soon. So far I've only really liked the cupcake theme the best. No-No wore her jeans just aobut everyday! Oh, that reminds me to go onto ebay and look for a new pair. LOL!


Mommy Mia said...

Sounds like a great place! I have to stick to EBay since we have no cool stores out in the boonies!!
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Jolly Mom said...

I will have to visit Gymboree soon. Hopefully, mine will be having a sale too...their clothes are so cute!

Emily Retherford said...

I love Gymboree! Especially when they have a sale!

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